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Advice on how to request an appraisal and valuation of your breweriana

In order to provide you with a free appraisal and/or valuation of your breweriana, we do need very precise information about the item(s) in question, in addition to clear photographs, in jpeg format, giving clear, in focus, images of the item(s). (If your photographs have been taken with a digital camera they will almost certainly be jpegs).

If you are able to, please try and make your photographs' file size as small as possible while still sending clear images. A maximum of 2Mb per photograph will almost certainly be sufficient to provide a good, clear image.

As well as photographs, we need a detailed description of each item. What information you include depends on the item you are describing. As a minimum we need to know;
  • The name of the brewery responsible for producing the item.
  • A detailed description of the condition of the item. (The condition is very important).
  • The dimensions of the item.
  • What it's made of, if relevant.
  • The item's date if known.
In the case of bottles we also need to know;
  • Whether the bottle is full or empty, or just partly full, if it's not obvious.
  • The condition of the cap or seal if any, illustrated with a photograph.
  • The capacity of the bottle if known.
  • A detailed photograph of the label if any.
  • If the bottle is embossed with text or a logo, details of that.
  • Details of any packaging - tube or box - that the bottle comes in.
The upper limit of the number of items for which we will provide a free appraisal and/or valuation is six. For more than six items there will be a charge. It will not be possible to value items where insufficient information is provided. You do not need to be a member to use this service.

You can contact us for your free appraisal and valuation using this link.

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