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Web sites of interest to breweriana collectors


If you are interested in breweriana collecting, here are a few links which might interest you. Just click and surf. To get back to this page, simply close down the page you are on. If you want me to add your organisation to this list, just e-mail me, with full details of your organisation, and I'll consider it.

Association for British Brewery Collectables - Complete Bottled Beer Collectors List.
The on-line version of ABBC's printed list produced in the year 2000, edited by Richard Lilley.

Mike Peterson's web site.
Find out about commemorative bottled beers, mirrors, stout labels, Guinness miniatures, etc., and maybe even sell or exchange items you have.

The National Brewery Heritage Trust.
Supports the work of the National Brewery Centre Museum.

Hitchmough's Black Country Pubs
A magnum opus from long standing ABBC member Tony Hitchmough. An excellent reference source of information on breweries and pubs of the Black Country.

Brewery History Society.
Publishes a Journal and a Newsletter. A must for collectors and brewery historians.

British Brewery Playing Card Society.
Exists primarily to assist the collector of single playing cards and packs.

The Guinness Collectors Club.
A web site concerned with collecting Guinness. Access to most of the site is by paid subscription.

Labologists Society.
The International Society for Label Collectors and Brewery Research. Promotes and disseminates knowledge relating to label collecting.

Hotmog's Victorian Breweriana.
A collection of Victorian pump handles and related material.

Collectors' directory, (Les tégestophiles).
A list of breweriana collectors' web sites in French.

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