This list covers all known commemorative bottled beers produced in the UK up to the end of 1999. It excludes regular brews produced by breweries as part of their normal output. The bottles listed primarily consist of items produced for special occasions such as brewery anniversaries, royal occasions, and other events. It also includes annual issues such as Barclay's or Courage Russian Stouts, Eldridge Pope Thomas Hardy's Ales, as well as dated Christmas ales, and other year beers.

Bottles are listed in brewery order, and within each brewery, in date order. So it is possible to find a complete listing of commemorative bottled beers in date order from any brewery in the UK. Variations are listed if known, including label variations and presentation packs.

Because of the large amount of items produced by Bass, that brewery's products are listed separately. The Bass listing includes the Bass Museum and the Bass Museum Brewery, as well as items produced in all parts of the Bass empire, as it was at the end of 1999.

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